PRIX DAY: A Plantless Planet
noviembre 10, 2022


 June, 2024

Le SERRE, (The Garden Greenhouses)via Castiglione 134
40136 Bologna 


After the success of last year's edition, the School of Resilience, curated by Kilowatt, is now even more international, featuring a more experiential approach and with a double appointment, always at the Serre dei Giardini Margherita in Bologna and always bringing art and science into dialogue to acquire ecological thinking and tools to help impact the present and generate a desirable future.




During t
wo weekends, from 20 to 23 and from 27 to 30 June, for an immersion in data, practices, case studies, imaginaries and narratives dedicated to those who want to generate change (within their own organization or community) towards an ecological model of balance and conviviality between humans and Nature, between production and consumption systems and protection of all forms of life on Earth.

A transdisciplinary training space, where we can deconstruct what we know about the climate crisis, bring out taken-for-granted data and get to the root of the problem; a gym where you can train to see and build regenerative relationships and thus contribute to generating an ecological transformation.



We want to be realists, but realists of a greater reality.

Ursula K. Le Guin

The choice of the theme is linked to the need we feel to imagine alternatives to the realism in which we live, to reconnect those narratives and weave those relationships capable of building an ecological dimension of making the world, showing and experiencing the regenerative relationships that we call Nature and in which we have to find our place again .

By uniting experts from the worlds of art, science, and humanistic research who are exploring perspectives beyond anthropocentrism and fossil culture, we will witness generative relationships emerging from agroecology, the oceans, and the forests. We will examine models of coexistence and conviviality proposed in recent biodiversity conservation studies, which have been practiced for centuries among indigenous populations. We will challenge our taken-for-granted biases to envision new cultural ecologies and construct a desirable present for all.

The goal of the Summer School is to offer tools, knowledge, keys to understanding and, paraphrasing
Donna Haraway, "staying in trouble
in a proactive way", building a community and a context where we can weave and experiment with regenerative relationships.


  • To those who wish to participate and contribute to the ecological transition, within the PA, within a company or in the community in which it operates. 
  • To those who want to redesign spaces and ways of living, socializing, consuming and working in an ecological, relational and convivial way. 
  • To those who research these topics and believe in the need for dialogue between artistic, humanistic and scientific disciplines. 
  • To those who need to communicate sustainability or climate science and want to go beyond the numbers
  • To all those who want to understand the climate crisis, beyond the myths and dominant narratives, and imagine innovative, radical and desirable solutions , going to the root of the problem.


In the framework of Tilling Roots & Seeds, Kilowatt is offering 10 scholarships this year to participate in the first weekend of the School (5 for artists and 5 for individuals involved in agriculture).

Tilling Roots & Seeds creates opportunities for different actors to come together for transdisciplinary exchange and mutual learning on sustainable food practices, to ferment ideas on the theme of art, plant biodiversity and food sustainability.